Use Gifts To Build Client Loyalty

By Don Wong

Knowledge about corporate gifts is relatively lesser than that of personal gifts, which are given to friends and families by individuals. Companies show that they are grateful to their clients or employees by giving away corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts are typically costly things and they do not feature any business symbol or brand name, as their purpose is not marketing or advertising. However, companies often do promotion through distribution of merchandise like key chains, mouse pads, USB drives, and other gifts to the staff and prospective customers.

While giving a corporate gift, it is important to keep in consideration the interests of the person to whom the gift is being given, and to customize it accordingly. Companies usually like to give personalised and lavish gifts to their clients, but internally they normally distribute a moderately expensive, but useful gift.

The perceived value of a corporate gift is its most crucial aspect. It is this factor which has the desired impact on the customer or employee, helping to build and maintain a healthy working relationship with them. Before giving a corporate gift, you should consult with your legal department regarding any constraints that may have been imposed by law on this practice.

It is advisable to plan corporate gift-giving in advance by setting a budget, planning the number of gifts to procure, and hunting for volume discounts with retailers. When it come to purchasing gifts for important customers, planning may not be as important, but for gifts to be presented to staff it is necessary. Make sure to buy the right quantity so that every employee whom you wish to express gratitude towards by means of a corporate gift is included.

Offering corporate gifts to customers and staff helps in strengthening the professional association, and it is a smart business practice to follow. Just keep two things in mind - the law and your expenditure. - 29954

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Revive The Romance With A Spa Visit

By Raechelle White

The world keeps on turning. And the needs never cease howling. Pressures from daily struggles oftentimes leave individuals feeling troubled and disconnected socially, emotionally, and physically, which could perhaps cause strife between partners.

A solution must be discovered.. And that is why spas came into existence.

A spa stopover, even for just a matter of one hour, could lead couples to recreate the romance that's been dominated by towering obligations.

A lot of couples want the idea of having a romantic day at the spa together, but the planning and schedules usually place them off. Nice thing now most spas have websites, so it's easier tosearch for their services and compare with other spas. The minute couples finished the stage of planning, a spa treat will certainly create happiness for couples.

Some spas, if not all, have rooms particularly meant for couples to experience that privacy they want. And couples can choose from the different couple massages ready on the spa menu. Going to a spa together allows a couple to spend time with each other and enjoy the joys of a massage. In this way, they get reconnected and renewed.

Commonly, high end spas have extra amenities for couples to savor from like a Jacuzzi, a lounging area to unwind and enjoy a cup of tea, and some also provides steam bath.

It may be a bit of a challenge to get each other's hectic schedule match for a spa pampering. However, once they get there, normally, perspectives are shifted and moods are better as they get treated to a relaxing spa aroma.

A visit in a spa not only proves to be romantic, but a healthy one as well as couples take the benefits of a spa massage and the pampering in great aromatherapy treatments . - 29954

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Effective Use Of Non Woven Bags As Corporate Gifts

By Winston Brooks

Any organization, large or small, has to market itself to attract customers. The success of marketing for a business is dependant on a combination of factors including budget, scale at which the marketing tool reaches out to the target audience, and even the impact of the promotion campaign on the environment. A popular and effective way of marketing a business and its brands is by giving away gifts. Gifts could be distributed either to the customers or the workforce of the organization. It doesn't have to be costly, you just need to do a little research online and be creative in choosing it.

Non woven bags are quite impactful as corporate gifts. The best feature of a non woven bag is that it is manufactured using recyclable substance called polypropylene. No toxic compounds are present in the fabric, thereby making these bags environment friendly. With higher awareness that our environment has to be protected for coming generations, the take up of non woven bags has increased. Thus non- woven bags have become popular as corporate gifts.

The second great feature of non woven bags is the fact that they come in a vast range of designs and printing choices. Since non woven bags come in a variety of colours, all kinds of messages and logos can be attractively printed on them. The printing on these bags is quite simple and more importantly cheap, as they use polypropylene as fabric.

Shoppers are generally quite happy to carry these trendy and colourful bags with them while on a shopping spree. These bags act like mini marketing billboards that people take with them when they go out for their errands. Thus brand marketing happens instantly and free of cost. It becomes a good marketing scheme that will drive sales and grow your business in a very creative and simple way.

These bags can either be presented as stand-alone gifts to customers, or as containing other marketing objects inside them. These non woven bags can also be distributed among employees as they would see them as a symbol of appreciation and would be happy to receive them as corporate gifts. - 29954

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The Significance Of Rituals In A Buddhists Funeral

By Andrew Wond

Buddhism is one of the most widespread religions practised extensively across the globe. The main principles of the religion are based on the teachings of Buddha. Buddhism teaches mercy and love for mankind and awareness of the Ultimate Truth.

These main tenets of Buddhism are evident in the rites followed in a Buddhist Funeral. There are certain compulsory rituals that need to be adhered to during the funeral of a deceased person. These rites are meant to ensure that the deceased is raised to a higher stage. The good energies of the deceased are invoked to pray and wish the best for the deceased's next life beyond this birth.

The funeral rituals begin with giving the deceased a traditional ablution. Monks are invited to chant different religious scriptures, and these chants are believed to give the soul the correct guidance to attain spiritual freedom. The teachings of the Buddha, which speak of the value of goodness and compassion in life, are read aloud. The body is meanwhile made ready for the final rituals. Friends and family members usually place some money in the casket of the deceased person. This is for enabling the dead person to pay and go across the River of Three Hells.

Then the friends and relatives come and pay their last respects to the dead person as the casket is placed at the altar. While friends and relatives offer condolences, visitors are expected to pray for the dead person. The ceremony is accompanied with recitation of relevant sutras by the monks. After the chanting is over, people present at the ceremony bow at the altar. The family members then thank the visitors for sharing their grief by giving them token gifts.

After these rituals are carried out, the deceased may then be either cremated or buried in accordance with the beliefs of the family members. In all, the rituals try to bring a sense of peace and acceptance to the grieving family while praying in order to elevate the dead to a higher stage of knowledge and realization. - 29954

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For People On A Budget

By Alan Jhonson

If you would like to deorate the bathroom again and you don't know where to start, it's time that you gather some bathroom remodeling ideas to spot the items that you like and eliminate the ones you don't fancy. If you have a specific budget for your project of remodeling the bathroom, you shouldn't worry that the outcome can be disastrous. Be aware that even small changes to the room and proper execution of bathroom remodeling ideas can dramatically change the way your bathroom looks and feels.

Before looking for home improvement magazines and websites for bathroom remodeling ideas, you should first determine the amount of money you can invest in revamping the toilet or bath area. Your creativity will affect the outcome of your project, so whether you have a $200 budget or a $2,000 budget, it does not really matter as long as you expressed and executed the bathroom remodeling ideas properly.

Materials to Buy

The materials you will buy largely depend on your budget. For people who have a budget of $200 or less, you can easily give a new life to your bathroom by doing the work by yourself and focusing on the walls, ceiling and accessories. Since you only have a few dollars to spare, you need to decide on the color or theme you want to implement for the ceiling or walls. The safest colors to choose for the paint include pastel colors and neutrals. You can add brighter colors to highlight the soft tones.

When shopping around for accessories, you can look for bathroom remodeling ideas online or through browsing magazines to ensure that your small items can mix and match smoothly. While it is easy to add soaps, toothbrush holders and other bathroom accessories, small furniture, tiny collectibles and other displays may not easily complement your bathroom's new theme. For this reason, you should pick your items carefully to give a harmonious feel to the room.

For people with sky-is-the-limit budgets, you can look for extravagant bathroom remodeling ideas, which feature bathtubs, lighting fixtures, modern patterns of tiles, vanity mirrors, sinks, wallpaper and furniture. However, even if you have all the money to spend, it is still important to organize your ideas and determine a theme to ensure each item complements one another.

A contractor, architect or other home improvement professional should execute some of your bathroom remodeling ideas. These include separating the toilet from the bath area or installing a new sink. Since plumbing and connecting electrical wires can be dangerous when installed improperly, you should ensure that a contractor would do the job for you. However, you can still install wallpapers, paint the ceiling and perform other minor tasks on your own. - 29954

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Things To Remember While Building A Modern Office

By Wendy Ruiz

The concept of specialized and modern office designs has experienced a radical transformation from the times when it was considered just a gimmick. Nowadays it is well understood that good office design not only reflects the corporate philosophy of the firm, but it also increases the productivity of the staff and plays a vital role in employee retention.

Flexibility, openness and sustainability are the key principles that characterize a modern office, so you have to be mindful of these when building a new office. These objectives cannot be achieved unless a prudent choice of office interior design and office system furniture for the new setup is made, and for this some key factors need to be taken into consideration.

Firstly, the work that will be done inside the office on a daily basis has to be identified and understood. This together with the floor area available will help you appropriately decide on the interior design. As you plan the layout you should keep in consideration the number of employees who will be working currently and in the future.

You should accommodate cafeterias and meeting rooms as well in your plan within the available area besides essential items like office desks and some pieces of office system furniture. Your office should also have places for recreation with facilities for indoor games so that the staff can have a nice time playing and conversing after long periods of work. Besides, the office planning should ensure maximum use of the present space without making the interior too crowded with furniture.

An ideal office interior design should be minimalist and make use of subtle colour schemes, devoid of any loud and gaudy elements that make it difficult for employees to concentrate on their work. The interiors should also have adequate light, so that there is not a single dark corner in the office.

Office system furniture nowadays is trendy and stylish with a personal touch, which helps in boosting the employees' spirits and creates a good impression on customers. However, while choosing office chairs and office desks, always give due importance to ergonomics so that the employees can stay healthy.

You can also project an eco-friendly image of your company by opting for 'green' office furniture. It is manufactured from recycled materials and natural fabrics, which will help you reduce your firm's overall carbon footprint. In addition, you can choose energy efficient lights and other office equipments that will help you cut down your energy usage.

When designing your office, it is critical that you appoint a professional and seasoned office interior designer who can make sure that your office becomes easy and safe to work in, while also be elegant to look at. - 29954

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Hiring Trends In The Fashion Industry

By John Smith


If you ask from the fashion industry people you will find that there are many people who dreamed of working there all their lives and people who got caught into their position by chance. One associate designer said that to get into the creative end of the industry, proper education is must. You need to study designs for this. On the other hand technical people like buyers and inventory planner, are more likely to be fallen into their jobs. Although fashion professional agreed that having industry contact is much more important than having talent. "To find a job," reveals an employee from federated, "It's very important to use the people you know. I found my first job through contacts next job through exploratory notes and third was luck-- I got it out of a newspaper advertisement. I'd say my first job was the easiest to find."

While many people -- and fashion students in particular -- might feel dismayed by this need to know the "right people," one insider says worry is unnecessary. A career counselor from a top New York fashion school said that students often think they cannot make connections while confined within college walls. This is totally a myth. Connection is another word for making relations. You have relationships with other students, professors, career counselors, the school administration and many others. At fashion schools, most of the teachers have previous experience in the fashion industry." What does that mean? An acquaintance at your school or workplace might already have valuable job information! It all comes down to networking. To find the right fashion job for you, it is necessary to discuss your job search with the people you know -- and with the people they know. Ask questions, inquire about openings, and request informational interviews. Fashion students should attend as many college-sponsored events as possible and seek relevant internships. After a fashion internship has ended, they should keep in touch with their managers. A fashion career counselor confirms, "Those who serve as intern advisors often grow very fond of their interns. They want to know that you've graduated; they want to help and advise you."


Most fashion industry are in design, marketing, and production - and unpaid. If we talk about the entertainment industry actual education isn't important as work experience. If you want that your resume or connection will get you further then you need some education to get in the door. If you want to go into this line then at least get an internship or even a part time job in sales or merchandising to get started. Each experience on your resume will help you better to get a job further. Although many job searches are posted on publication section and many internships searches are self directed because many are never publicized. If the position is at a popular company or designer, the internship will never be posted since everyone will want it on his or her resume.

Make sure to show your desire to learn and help the company-- even if you think that your level of responsibility is not as high as you would like. Once you are in the company you can easily find out the other openings in the company even if these openings have not opened yet. Make our resume in such a way so that you get the interviews and introduction. Even if your initial job in the fashion industry may not pay you well. There are several options here - you work to get the experience or to learn enough to start your own business. If you thinking of the latter one then take any experience you can. It will pay off later.

Take initiative

While different fashion positions require different skills, most insiders agree that the industry overall calls for initiative, patience and a strong degree of independence. One insider add that it's good to have a boss who is going to be a good mentor and who will push you also. Insiders have their gripes despite the glamour, prestige and job satisfaction. One informant says that its too competitive both within the industry. People are sometimes unethical. They might have give you commitment but then drop the ball. Sometimes clients cancel the order and I end up losing the thousands of dollars in one day. Fashion insiders toil long, strenuous hours. "It's a huge time commitment," offers another contact in buying. "I often start early and stay late -- and I also travel a good part of the time. You lose perspective after so many hours." A different buyer adds, "I often spend 12 hours at work and eat lunch at my desk. Burnout. There's a lot of burnout."

Getting the job, acing the interview

If you want to move up the fashion ranks there are two schools of thoughts. If you want to climb high some insiders suggest that it is necessary to switch to any other company. According to one knowing source, "Many companies have non-mobile positions, where employees are "pegged" in certain roles. In other words we can say that if you are an assistant of the company everybody will see you as an consultant only. " Others contend that it's best to stay put. "To move up the ranks, you have to be a hard worker, know the right people or lie on your resume," says one informant. "I was a hard worker. And I had a great boss who served as my mentor. By staying right where I was, I ended up moving up into key roles."

Once the job interview has been arranged for the company candidate should do the extensive research.

Examine the company literature and read the company web site is a good option. Just see the most recent articles on the company development. Some insider's advices that it is good if you go to the library of a fashion school and then ask somebody if you don't able to find information. It is good if you ask the employer that how they work and what they do exactly. Last but not least go and shop the brand or retailer. You should know this thing that what type of Product Company deals in. Also research the company biggest rivals. General knowledge of key fashion players is also important. Insiders recommend brushing up on your mental database of trendsetter: Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren, among others.

On the day of a interview, establish a rapport with the person. "You cant be a bump on a log answering question, even if you are having a great resume and portfolio. Let your personality show through, because the interview is also about fit. And also don't ask about the salary at least not on the first round. It is good if you ask intelligent questions about the company, positions and even the interviewer's experience. Even if you lack interest in particular area an interviewer will hire you if he finds that you have the capability of grasping things quickly.

The persons working as professionals recommend precautions observation about the clothes you are going to wear for the D-day. Definitely, employers are going to notice what the person coming for an interview to them is wearing and how. As some wise person had quoted "Your first impression is the last impression." With the same logic, one theatrical designer has advocated the careful observation about your clothes. Though, it is agreeable that this situation is not a universal truth but even then it's always advisable to dress well. Another insider quoted " Nothing out of the norms, unless you are aspiring to be a fashion designer and the organization conduction interview is looking for out of the league and futuristic looks." Good Tip - Be overdressed rather than under dressed. - 29954

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